Jungle management a risk based approach

Constantly overseeing all laws and regulations yourself is impossible. Nor does the enforcement dynamic of supervisors. To survive in the jungle of rules, jungle management is indispensable: a risk-based approach, based on the risk that supervisors impose sanctions, material financial losses occur or the company suffers reputational damage. In all cases: because the laws and regulations are not complied with.

Make control of compliance risks demonstrable

Jungle management starts with the careful analysis of compliance risks, resulting in a compliance framework. This includes the concrete compliance risks, as well as the necessary control measures. A monitoring and an annual program have been added.
This way the control of compliance risks becomes visible and demonstrable.

Junglemangement: the march route

Managing compliance risks can be represented schematically as follows:

Edwin Weller, Junglemanagement

Initiate         = identify the relevant compliance risks.
Implement = the whole of measures to inform all employees about the control measures taken.
Monitoring = the whole of measures to ensure compliance.
Reporting    = informing the board and supervisor (s) about the effectiveness of the compliance function and the measures taken in the event of identified shortcomings and violations.

Interdisciplinary network available

When making an inventory of the relevant legislation and regulations, naming the correct compliance risks and introducing effective control measures, it sometimes makes sense to work together interdisciplinary. A network of professionals is available.